Your questions

  • How is Angala Fintech regulated? down-arr

    We are compliant with all relevant regulatory bodies, such as the National Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) in Nigeria, and national equivalents elsewhere.

  • How much do agents earn? down-arr

    More transactions means more commissions. As a Payrail Agent, you have the power and control to make as much money as you can by providing financial services in your community easily within the app, and also get your Mastercard debit card almost instantly. An agent by a roadside in a small village might expect to transact 100,000 naira in a day.

  • Which are the most frequently used services? down-arr

    Cash withdrawal is the most frequently used service, particularly in regions without a local ATM.

  • What qualifications are needed to become an agent? down-arr

    No formal qualifications are necessary. Agents should be able to read and use a mobile phone or tablet.

  • Where are agents located? down-arr

    Most agents operate in their own community where they understand the environment and are known. Agents are particularly important in rural or hinterlands where there are no ATMs.

  • What facilities do agents need? down-arr

    Agents should have their own working capital to operate and a stall or location to operate from.

  • What training is provided? down-arr

    Our business development officers support the agents in their regions, with initial training and regular visits for support.

  • How do I become an agent? down-arr

    Click below to go to the Payrail Agency website or ‘Join as an Agent’

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